Monday, 22 October 2007

Gremal Quest - The Novel

Imagine arriving in London alone, on a dark night, with no knowledge of the city and no friends to rely on...

You have just three days to track down a thief and recover the treasure he stole - or your family will be put to death...

And you aren't even human.

Gremal Quest tells the story of Skrubb, a visitor from caverns deep underground, as he pursues his greedy cousin on a frantic treasure hunt around - and beneath - the streets of London. From the British Museum at night to the glittering towers of Canary Wharf, from a dark lake beneath the Tower of London to the very corridors of power, the chase is on. And powerful enemies also seek the prize.

Gremal Quest is a novel for readers aged ten and older. Buy it now by clicking the link on the right!


Mark Brooks said...

Roger’s book Gremal Quest, was an exciting tour-de-force very much in the Scooby Doo/Indiana Jones mould.

It is a perfect read especially for British children as it is based around well-known London landmarks such as The Tower of London, The British Museum and The Houses of Parliament.

The characters are well-defined and mysterious, enough to interest children in the classic children story-telling tradition. It certainly hooks you in to the point where you cannot out the book down until you find out whether good triumphs over evil.

It is just the type of book that will keep children interested in reading and I have already recommended it to my brother’s children.

Anonymous said...

Roger - your book is amazing - and so are you